Rhodri Marsden

I'm a writer, musician and human. I've written weekly columns on various topics for The Independent for the last ten years; I currently write the "Geek Mythology" technology column on Thursdays, and a column about Interesting Objects for the Saturday magazine. And features about things like crumpets, drum machines, thrifty shopping, string, pleasures and irritants.

I also write a monthly column for Prog magazine about musical gadgets, sporadic bits and pieces for The Telegraph and have had regular gigs with Shortlist, The Observer, Radio Times, Olive, The Guardian, Time Out, Word and many others. I did a book called The Next Big Thing, which is a history of things that seemed like a good idea at the time, curated another one about crap dates and came up with the idea of captioning abandoned furniture with drunken wailing. I speak in front of audiences from time to time about music, earthquakes and lost love, and sometimes go on 6Music and Radio Wales to talk about technology-related stuff.

I’ve lost count of the number of bands I've been in, but these days I play with Scritti Politti, Prescott and everyone's favourite TV theme tune tribute band, Dream Themes. I also do some quiet production and composition work on the side.

If you’d like to contact me, I'm on Twitter quite a lot. Or just send me an email.